Monday, January 30, 2012

Sharing "Scales" at Storytime

Hello! Today's storytime examined the easier-said-than-done practice of SHARING. We read terrific titles about how it is sometimes difficult to share our treasures:

Then we made our own Rainbow Fish, just like the fish in our book. One slight problem: Miss Katie possessed of a bowl full of shimmery, sparkly, shiny scales, and was (ahem) initially reluctant to share them with friends. Fortunately, our boyfriends and girlfriends reasoned with her, and they eloquently explained why it was important to share her scales, just like Rainbow Fish had done in our story! These are photos of our friends as they generously shared glue, colorful tissue paper scales, and shimmery scales too:Special "thanks" to my friends for helping me remember why it is important to share! I enjoyed sharing these stories with you today! Have a marvelous Monday! xoxo, Miss Katie

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