Monday, January 30, 2012

Chinese New Year Celebration at Nancy Kay Holmes!

The Year of the Dragon began with our Chinese New Year's Celebration at the library! It was exciting to see and spend time with so many of our friends and their families. Most especially, it was an honor to welcome teachers and students from The Scranton Chinese School to our festivities!

Friends were treated to a very special read-aloud - in English AND Chinese, as Miss Katie and Miss Shu (of the Dalton Library) shared a reading of:

My friends learned to speak Chinese as they played "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" with impressive pronunciation!

It was standing-room-only for the adults:

while the kids "read" and sang a traditional New Year's Song, again in Chinese!

Impressive Tang poem recitations by students of The Scranton Chinese School:

It wouldn't be the Year of the Dragon without Dragon paper bag puppets:

And Dragon masks too:

Of course, one of my favorite elements of our Celebration was the Chinese Noodles and Sauces Taste Test, as we sampled Soy, Sweet-n-Sour, Teriyaki, and Duck Sauces! Yum!

Everyone who attended added a link to our paper chain Dragon:

Making Chinese paper lanterns:

A special souvenir from our memorable evening:

Our celebration concluded with a violin performance of Jasmine:

A very special Thank You to our guests and friends from The Scranton Chinese School for their participation in our Celebration! Many families asked for additional information on The Chinese School of Scranton - please check out their website at

Also, appreciative note of thanks to the King Kong Restaurant, Green Ridge Plaza, Scranton, for their generous donation of a Gift Certificate as the prize in our evening's special Raffle!

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

xoxo, Miss Katie

Scenes from a recent Family Place get-together

How cute are these kiddos at a recent Family Place get-together?! We played with old friends and made new buddies, we socialized, listened to a story, painted a picture of our very own Snowman at Night, and we even celebrated D's birthday! Lots of fun!

Our next Family Place four-week session begins on Wednesday, February 15, 10:00-11:15 am, and continues on Wednesdays, Feb. 22nd and 29th, and March 7th! Space is limited and registration is required; please call the library at 207-0764 for more information and register your Birth-3 year old child for one - or all - Family Place sessions, or to recommend a local Resource Professional/ Community Agency who might be interested in attending and speaking with Parents and Caregivers!

See you next time at Family Place!

Sharing "Scales" at Storytime

Hello! Today's storytime examined the easier-said-than-done practice of SHARING. We read terrific titles about how it is sometimes difficult to share our treasures:

Then we made our own Rainbow Fish, just like the fish in our book. One slight problem: Miss Katie possessed of a bowl full of shimmery, sparkly, shiny scales, and was (ahem) initially reluctant to share them with friends. Fortunately, our boyfriends and girlfriends reasoned with her, and they eloquently explained why it was important to share her scales, just like Rainbow Fish had done in our story! These are photos of our friends as they generously shared glue, colorful tissue paper scales, and shimmery scales too:Special "thanks" to my friends for helping me remember why it is important to share! I enjoyed sharing these stories with you today! Have a marvelous Monday! xoxo, Miss Katie