Monday, January 9, 2012

Musical Ice Floes!

Hello! Penguins and polar bears were on our minds this cold Monday morning, so my friends and I warmed up with these books on this first day of Winter Reading Club: We shook our sillies out and played "Penguin-Pokey", then we played a new game, "Musical Ice Floes" (similar to Musical Chairs). Because we learned that penguins and polar bears face greater challenges in finding food due to Earth's warming temps and its melting ice floes, we pretended to be polar bears and penguins as we danced, hopped, or swam from ice floe to ice floe, carefully avoiding falling into the chilly blue "water" surrounding our floes! When the music stopped, we crammed ourselves onto remaining ice floes, just as penguins and polar bears must do!

You can play this game at home, too. All you need are paper towels to represent ice floes; each time the music stops, remove an ice floe until there is only one remaining, with all the penguins or polar bears on top! (No "outs" in this version.)

This looks like fun:

We tore up pieces of wax paper to represent ice floes, then we made polar bear pictures, just like in our story. We even added falling stars to resemble the meteor shower witnessed by the polar bear in today's book:

A quick reminder: no Storytime next Monday, January 16th. The library is closed in observance of MLK, Jr. Day.

Stay warm out there, polar bears and penguins! See you next time at the library!
xoxo, Miss Katie

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