Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Arts & Crafts & ORNAMENTS Club?!?

"HAPPY NEW YEAR!" wishes from a less-than-happy Miss Katie! I'm feeling a bit Grinchy because it's almost time to de-Christmas-ize my home, and my tree!

The good news: knowing how much I'll miss my favorite holiday ornaments over the next 11 months has inspired me to rename our Arts-&-Crafts Club to: Arts-&-Crafts-&-Ornaments Club! You've probably guessed why - each month in 2012, January through December, our Arts-&-Crafters will create (in addition to the craft of the month) a unique, handmade ornament to take home and save until it's time to Deck the Halls next December! So, friends participating in our Arts-n-Crafts-n-Ornaments Club every month will have a total of twelve new, original works-of-art to proudly display on their trees at the end of 2012!

Our first meeting of the A&C&O Club is today, 5:30-6:30 pm! Registration is required, and the Club is open to friends in 1st-4th Grades. A $2 fee is also required and it covers both the craft and the ornament materials! Please call 207-0764 to register!

Today's snowman door hangers craft:
and beaded snowflake ornaments:
Or, glitter glue snowman ornaments: I'm feeling less-Grinchy already! See you soon!

xoxo, Miss Katie

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