Monday, February 13, 2012

A Serendipitous Storytime for the Day Before Valentine's Day!

Happy Day Before Valentine's Day!

At this morning's storytime, we read books about HUGS and made special keepsake Valentine's Day Hugs to give to our mommy-valentines and daddy-valentines! The challenge: how to create special "surprises" for our moms and dads for tomorrow while enlisting their tracing-and-cutting help today... By coincidence, we are fortunate that only grandmas and caregivers came to storytime this morning - this is the very first time we had no parents in attendance! So now all of our moms and dads will be genuinely surprised by our Valentines!

These are the HUGS stories we chose from:

And the Forever-Hugs we made:

Our completed Valentines looked like this:

(It reads: "Wrap these hands around you whenever I'm away, so you can have a hug from me any time of day!")

My girlfriend is measuring her biggest hug:

Another irony: my other girlfriend and I wore identical ruby red glitter slippers today! Can you tell we're ready and excited for Valentine's Day?!

Thanks for a fun storytime today! A reminder: NO STORYTIME next Monday, February 20th because the Library is closed for Presidents' Day, but we'll see you at Storytime this Friday at 11:30am! Happy Valentines Day!
xoxo, Miss Katie

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