Friday, December 30, 2011

WNEP and Wuggle Pets at the Library!

Where do you go when you're Kurt Aaron of WNEP's "Does It Really Work" and you need cute kiddos to help try out the hottest item on toy store shelves? Why, to Nancy Kay Holmes Branch Library, of course! And that's just what WNEP did recently, as several of our young patrons experimented in making "Wuggle Pets" on camera. We added stuffing, magic glitter dust, personality charms, and chanted the magic words to create these precious pets. We gave the cameras our biggest smiles and two thumbs up because we loved making the Wuggle Pets!

In case you missed our television debut, check out the link below:

Special THANKS to our volunteers and parents/grandparents for your time, your efforts, and your smiles! You are STARS - both ON and OFF-camera!

xoxo, Miss Katie

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