Friday, December 30, 2011

A storytime that's for the birds...

Wondering what to do with that tall tree in your living room, now that Christmas has passed? Me too! At least, I was, until I read these wonderful winter stories:

The After Christmas Tree book inspired me to think of having an after-Christmas party with some very special guests-of-honor: our neighborhood birds! In today's books, we witnessed what happens when caring friends leave nuts and seeds outside during winter. Then we made our own "After Christmas Tree birdseed ornaments" to take home and display in our yards. On the bottom of the plates caring the special birdseed ornaments, we placed a special poem we'll recite to encourage birds to visit and feast on their treat! That is, if we can remember to save some birdseed for the birds!

See you next year at storytime!
xoxo, Miss Katie

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