Thursday, August 15, 2013

Doritos and Smurfs at the Library?!?

Dear Friends,

If ever you've wondered: "What do Doritos and Smurfs have in common?", I'm excited to explain they're the names of the two teams representing the Nancy Kay Holmes Branch Library in this year's Junior Battle of the Books Competition! 

This summer, an amazing group of devoted preteens read five books and gathered weekly to discuss the stories.  Last Thursday, both teams competed against terrific teams from other Lackawanna County libraries in the annual Junior Battle of the Books, and I'm so proud of the efforts of both teams!  Team Doritos walked away with the honors as this year's Winners (see photo above).  Congratulations to the "Doritos": Billy P., Maggie C., Riley M., and Alex M., and to the "Smurfs": Riley M., Sarah W., Abby B., and Sarah S. (not pictured), and to all worthy opponents on other Junior Battle teams throughout Lackawanna County!

Thanks for a great summer, Doritos and Smurfs!  I miss you already, and I can't wait for next summer! 


Miss Katie                

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