Monday, April 30, 2012

WORMS and MUD and DIRT, Oh My!

Hello, Library Friends! 

What do you get when you combine WORMS and MUD and DIRT at the library?  A very special Storytime Snack!  Recently, in honor of Earth Day, my friends and I read one of my all-time favorites, Diary of a Worm, by Doreen Cronin:

We also read Just How Long Can a Long String Be?!
by Keith Baker, and as we were creating our own ideas about what a length of string can be used for...

 ...someone discovered REAL EARTHWORMS were hanging out in our Children's Room!

 My buddies are eating "Dirt Dessert":

This is my boyfriend "M" declaring "This is the BEST LIBRARY EVER!!!"
Thanks, "M"!  We think so too!  Thanks for stopping in, and having so much fun with us! 

See you soon!
xoxo, Miss Katie  

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