Monday, April 23, 2012

It's a "Napping House" kinda day...

Yaaawwwwnnn....Hello!  This dreary Monday morning weather put us in the mood to read one of my favorite stories of all time:
 one of my newest favs:
 and the always entertaining:
My friends did a terrific job sharing their "snoring" sounds with me as we read these sleepy stories! 

Then we created our very own Napping Houses using our creative problem-solving skills!  Miss Katie "accidentally" (oops!) mixed up piles of squares and rectangles and triangles, large and small, so we had to identify and evaluate the size and scale of each piece, before putting the pieces together to make our own homes.  Take a look at theses houses constructed by future architects/contractors/ exterior designers!   

Thanks for a fun morning!  See you at our next Storytime, Friday morning at 11:30am.  All ages.  No registration required.  Have a fantastic week!
xoxo, Miss Katie

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