Friday, October 28, 2011

"Haunted Houseguests"

You know that Halloween is almost here, but do you know that Haunted Houses aren't the only places where creeping spiders like to hide? Look who we found lurking in our library! EEK!

Today, we read not-very-scary stories of Haunting Houseguests - spiders, bats, black cats, mummies, monsters, and more... My friends did a wonderful job "reading" these stories aloud with me - thank you for your help!

We're not afraid of these spiders! No tricks here - only treats! Check out these spider treat pouches and Tootsie Pop spiders:
Oooo, these girls are every bit as sweet as their lollipops!
Our friends danced like skeletons, floated like ghosts, crawled like black cats, and stomped like monsters. We also sang about "A Funny Little Lady with a Pointed Hat". Then we voted for and graphed our favorite Tootsie Pop flavor/color.

We noticed examples of camouflage in our Winnie the Witch book, and we strengthened our rhyming, counting, and subtraction skills in this fun ghost story!

See you on Monday, October 31st, at 11:30 am at the Nancy Kay Holmes Branch Library for fun stories about an odd-shaped pumpkin, an old lady with a strange appetite, and a friendly monster. Happy Friday!

xoxo, Miss Katie

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