Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Green Drumming with Deerheart!

Greetings from the library!

Last night we kicked off Earth Week with Thomas Deerheart! Along with his friends Maya and Joe, Thomas presented a Green Drumming program in honor of Earth Day. Thomas is a master drummer, drum builder and facilitator. He brought a truck load of drums and shakers made out of recycled materials like a pool filter, propane tank and water filter. The children learned simple drum beats, call and responses and Native American songs.

A mother came up to me during the program and said, "This is the best program that has ever come to the library!" The children loved beating the drums! The parents loved participating, too! A very special thank you to Thomas Deerheart!

Thomas Deerheart will be back at the library on June 23rd for Around the World Drumming with Deerheart!

Join us tomorrow for the Green Fair! We will celebrate Earth Day with stories, crafts, games and raffles! The Green Art contest will be on display! Vote for your favorite piece of recycled art! $1 voluntary donation per vote. Proceeds will support children's programming at the library! Register by calling 207-0764!

See you at the library,

Miss Glynnis

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